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Vancouver Island artist Charine Barber was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and moved to British Columbia at the age of 10.  Charine has been a creative individual for her entire life.  She excelled in art classes all throughout her school years and has been a collector of local artists works for over 20 years.  During a very traumatic & trying time in her life, as well as an undiagnosed health problem Charine took up painting in 2011 to help her find some peace and clarity.  She found painting to be very therapeutic & it helped her relax & take her mind off of her health concerns.  She found herself lost in the painting process and it helped her forget about her pain issues temporarily.  After several years of painting, being mostly self-taught, Charine took a painting course by the late portrait painter Mary Jean Brown.  This course helped her develop her skills, discover new techniques & it also helped her build her confidence as an artist.  


Charine has always admired an abstract representation, but in the early years she painted mostly portrait style paintings.  Charine is a very detailed person and she just couldn’t find a way to let loose enough to create the abstract pieces that she so desired.  Charine was then introduced to acrylic pouring (ie. fluid art, paint pouring).  In fluid painting, the paint is not fully controllable & there is an element of chance combined with chemistry & vision, therefore it allowed her to create her own abstract works for the first time.  Since then Charine has studied many other acrylic pouring techniques though experimentation and other fluid art on-line courses.  Though these experiments and courses she was able to learn more about the chemistry behind the art and how using viscosity, tinting, transparency and opaqueness, as well as using additives and colour planning all play a huge roll in final outcome of the piece. 

During Charine's exploration period with fluid acrylics and acrylic pouring, she started working with resin & then discovered geode inspired paintings & she was completely hooked.  As a child Charine was obsessed with polished stones, sea-glass and semi-precious stones and she is a very spiritual person who loves the healing powers of crystals, so it was a natural fit for her. Charine loves working with resin and incorporated resin with her paint pouring techniques.


Charine has a strong following from around the world and her work is collected and displayed throughout the Victoria area, Canada and in the USA.  Charine does mainly commission pieces and she also leases her work out.  Charine also creates for herself and she finds it very therapeutic

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