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How long does it take to create a commission piece?

Depending on the size and complexity of the painting, it can take anywhere from one week to one month to complete from the time the piece is started.  At the time of ordering you will receive an estimate of approximately when your painting will be started and approximately how long it will take for your piece to be completed based on how many commissions need to be completed prior to starting your piece.  We will try our best to keep to this timeline, however, there are a lot of factors that can sometimes delay the process.  A deposit is required to hold your spot and to save the estimated start date.  

What style of geode paintings or other painting can I choose?

A variety of styles of geode work can be chosen, or other abstract pieces as well as a portrait style painting.  Please view the gallery section to see examples of the styles available.  You can choose a geode painting on a regular sized birch canvas, deep canvas, custom sized MDF, or a free-form shaped geodes cut out of wood in an agate shape.  You can choose an individual piece, or a diptych or triptych style.  So if you want a 2' x 4' (24" x 48") painting you can choose this size, or alternatively two, 2' x 2' (24" x 24") pieces that you can hang together to create the overall size that you want for the same price.  Another option is to choose a 3D inset geode style where there is a sunken or raised section on the piece for an increased price.  


If I choose a geode, what options do I have and what involvement do I have in the process?

You can choose the size of the piece, the board used, whether you want a diptych or triptych style or 3D style as per above.  You can also choose a blended style or a traditional agate style geode where the lines between the colours are more crisp and less blended together.  You can choose the colours of our piece(s) within reason, but there endless colour combinations available including a solid colour, pearl and other pigmented colours, you can choose whether you want some lines, no lines, or lots of lines, whether you want glitter and what kind of stones you want as long as they are available to the artist.  Please note:  certain stones may take longer to get if ordered is needed, and there could be an additional charge if a specific stone is requested.  

If I choose a geode, what options do I have and what involvement do I have in the process?

If you choose a portrait style painting, you are required to email or text a quality photo of the person or subject for the artist to reproduce in their style of choice, but you have options of eliminating certain things in the photo, or colour changes etc.  If you choose an abstract pour or other abstract painting, you can choose the colours, but the final outcome can vary greatly as it is a fluid process.  


What type of canvas is use for my piece?

Exhibition quality birch cradled canvases and other appropriate substrates, such as MDF board for agate style paintings, and they are all treated to protect them from warping prior to the resin being poured.  If you choose a deep canvas, the edges are usually kept in the raw form, but if you prefer painted or resin sides, please indicate this when ordering.  There is an increase in price for wrapped edges as it takes several more coats of resin to achieve this look.

Can I order a custom (non-traditional sized canvas) for my geode painting?

Yes, custom sizes are available for a small increase in price, but they can take up to a week to build which can delay the start date, so please order accordingly

What type of resin is use in my painting?

Typically Art Resin is used.  It is made in Canada, is considered non-toxic, has non-yellowing properties, is scratch resistant and it is considered food safe according to Canada's regulations, however, it is not recommended to put any food items directly on any functional art product made with any brand of resin.  Art Resin, although scratch resistant can however get micro-scratches in it if it is handled incorrectly.  Genuine Art Studio has been experimenting with other high quality resin brands for some time now and also uses Colorberry Resin for art, Counter Culture DIY Art Resin and will continue to research and test other resin brands for their quality, non-yellowing capabilities, shine quality and desired artistic effects.

What materials are used in geodes ie. textures/crystals?

Each painting is unique and I sometimes change the items that I use.  Not every geode is the same, but for the majority of them I use real quartz crystals, or amber crystals, or amethysts and/or other semi precious stones for the 3D protruding effect.  I also use broken glass, fire-glass, sand and sometimes stones, acrylic beads and a few other items.

What quality of products do you use in your geode paintings?

Only artist professional paints, pigments, inks, pens, glitters and resin are used, as well as quality crystals and glass.

How is the artwork shipped and what is done to protect the painting during shipping? 

All artwork is shipped via a professional international shipping company.  Larger pieces are put in a custom professional wooden crate before shipping.  The paintings wooden canvas is screwed directly to the back of the crate.  This ensures that the painting doesn't move around during shipping and no stuffing materials are needed and therefore nothing can scratch your painting or break the crystals.  When you receive the crate there are detailed instructions on the outside of the crate or included, on how to remove your painting.  Basically you just need a Robertson mid- sized bit screw driver (this is a Canadian square shaped bit, so if you are not in Canada, you may need to source one out prior to receiving your painting) and someone to help you open the crate to remove the piece.  When you open the top cover of the crate you will be able to view your piece and then someone can hold the front of the painting while the back screws are removed to release the painting from the crate.

How much do these paintings weigh?

These paintings can be heavy and a large piece such as a 4' x 4' (48" x 48") can weigh almost 35-40 lbs. depending on how many layers it has.

What hanging wire is used?

Regular picture wire is not strong enough for the these heavy paintings so instead, airline wire is used which is much stronger. The wire is either double crimped using a crimping tool and screwed to the wooden frame of the canvas, or large D-rings for the appropriate weight of the painting are screwed to the canvas.  See our instagram page highlight titled Process to see pictures of the crate or wire etc.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary based on the size of the painting, the final weight and where you live.  Each painting has to be weighed once it is in the shipping container to obtain an exact shipping price. An estimated of the weight including the crate can be made if you required a quote before ordering, but the final amount may vary slightly once the piece is completed.  Ground shipping is available in North America and in most cases the shipping time is around 4-6 days not including any customs delays.  

How do I hang my piece?

It is recommended that you have a professional hang your fine art pieces, but it is possible to do it yourself with some help and if you are comfortable doing so on your own. Since the proper hanging wire is used for the weight of the piece, you shouldn't have a problem as long as you use a hanging mechanism that is strong enough for the weight.  For this reason, the proper easy to use hangers are included with your painting.  This way when you receive your piece you can hang it right away.  These hangers do not require you to find a stud and they can be put directly into drywall and they hold anywhere from 25bs to 100 lbs.  Once you receive your painting and open the crate you are fully responsible for the painting, and the artist or Genuine Art Studio is not liable for any damages to your person, personal property or to the painting itself.  Please use caution and if you need to hire a professional, please do so, especially if hanging a larger piece in a higher area. Also, the geode style paintings can have sharp edges from the broken glass and they also typically have protruding crystals which can cause damage to your person, clothing, or furniture, so please use caution.

What if my painting arrives damaged?

In the unlikely event that your painting arrives damaged (as all of the appropriate precautions are taken prior to shipping) please take pictures of the damage before opening the crate or box.  Then open the crate or box and if the painting itself is also damaged, take additional pictures and send all of the pictures to us within 24 hours of receiving your shipment.


Are there any Customs charges?

There are no customs charges for shipping original artwork to the USA.  There can be a small customs handling fee and typically this is not much, but there is no way to know the final amount until US customs has processed your crate.  The customer is required to pay any customs charges or fees upon delivery.  If you live outside of Canada or the USA, you should check your specific customs regulations for your country.

What is done to ensure that I love my new commissioned piece?

It is important to us that you love your new art piece, therefore we will communicate regularly 

through the process to make sure that everything is right on track with your expectations.  During the process you have the option to see the piece once the first few layers are done and if need be, some adjustments can be made prior to completing the piece  Things such as size and shape cannot be changed easily and a few other things that are set-in-stone (so to speak), but there are some adjustments that can be made.  Once you have made your deposit and confirmed the size, colours etc., unless it is a mistake by the artist, you are responsible for any new costs associated 

with changing the agreement, specifically once the piece has been started.  The 50% deposit is non-refundable.  Although your input is considered, the artist needs to keep creative control of the piece and please try to trust the process.

How do I care for my new painting?

Basically, you treat resin just like you would treat glass.  You can use a soft duster or dust cloth and then clean with a soft damp cloth to remove any fingerprints and wipe immediately with a soft micro-type cloth to dry any streaks.  Some people say that paper towel can cause fine scratches in the resin, so please use caution.

If you have any other questions, please contact us through out Contact Us above, or through direct message on Facebook or Instagram

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