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Copper River

Copper River


This 24" x 36" copper, white and silver geode is done with pigments, acrylic paints, glitter, alcohol inks as well as glass, fire-glass, large and small quartz crystals, and other semi-precious stones as well as paint pens.  It is done on a 1 1/2" thick exhibition cradled birch canvas.  

  • Care Instructions

    These paintings are made with origianl Art Resin made in Canada.  It is meant for art on display and thought it is fairly hard, it can scratch.  These paintings should be dusted with a soft dust brush or cloth and then cleaned with a gentle cleaner to remove any finger prints, so basically treat it just like you would treat glass.

  • Shipping Weight

    Shipping weight calculated at check out is an estimate that includes the appropriate packaging (box etc.) for the size of the piece, or a professionally built crate for larger pieces. This includes the weight and dimensions of the crate and is for ground shipping within North America. If you require International or Air freight, please contact us through the Contact page for shipping quotes.

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